מסמך משפטי: T-S Ar.42.80

מסמך משפטי T-S Ar.42.80



Legal testimony. In Arabic script. Dated: First decade of Rabīʿ I 486 AH = April 1093 CE. Apparently concerning some confusion over shipments of produce (ghalla) from two tax farmers (? bi-rasmi muqṭaʿayn). The captain/owner (rayyis) of the ship who delivered the produce to the arsenal (Dār al-Ṣināʿa) may be insisting that the taxes have already been paid on these shipments. (For more on the Fatimid arsenal, see David Bramoullé, Les Fatimides et la mer (909-1171) (Leiden, 2019), ch. 5.) The rayyis swears by God, by the caliph al-Mustanṣir, and by the amīr al-juyūsh, sayf al-islām, nāṣir al-imām, chief dāʿī, etc. (=Badr al-Jamālī?). The document also mentions Dīwān al-Abwāb (see tag).

T-S Ar.42.80 recto



Amel Bensalim, Stephanie Luescher, Athina Pfeiffer, Marina Rustow and Lucia Waldschuetz, [גרסת מסמך גניזה דיגיטלי] (in Arabic).


  1. [بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  ا]لـشـــــكر لله دائــــــــــماً

  2. [يقول الشيخ                                  الـ]ـدولة وموفقها ابي محمد ثروة بن سالم والشيخ ابي

  3. [                                    ] ـىطىا ديوان الابواب وما يليه حسون بن اشعث ريس

  4.  [                     ]. الشيخ ابو البقا وصحبه فيها غلة برسم مقطعين جميعا 

  5.  وخوطب هذا الريس على ما في مركبه الذي اوصله الى الصناعة المحروسة فذكر 

  6. ان ليس بجنب الغلة الذي في مركبه شي غيرها واقسم على ذلك بالله تعالى ذكره وبمولانا

  7. وسيدنا الامام المستنصر بالله امير المومنين صلوات الله عليه وعلى اباىه الطاهرين 

  8. وابناىه الاكرمين وبفتاه السيد الاجل امير الجيوش سيف الاسلام ناصر الامام كافل

  9. قضاة المسلمين هادي دعاة المومنين عضد الله به الدين وامتع بطول بقا{ه}

  10. امير المومنين ادام قدرته واعلا كلمته فناقش هذا المركب ووجد فيه

  11. شي غير الغلة المذكورة كان على هذا الرىس جنب هذه الثمر المذكورة 

  12. وبذلك اشهد على نفسه في صحة [بدنه] وجواز امره وذلك في العشر

  13. الاول من ربيع الاول سنة سث وثمانين واربع ماىة 

  14. شهد احمد بن عبد الـ؟ الـ ? 


Marina Rustow, [גרסת מסמך גניזה דיגיטלי].


  1. [In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.] Thanks be to God forever.
  2. [Testimony of the shaykh                           of the] realm and its support Abū Muḥammad Tharwa b. Sālim and the shaykh Abū
  3. [                  ]... of the Dīwān al-Abwāb and what it administers, Ḥasūn b. Ashʿāth, captain
  4. [          ] the shaykh Abū l-Baqāʾ and his partners in which there was produce labeled for two iqṭāʿ-holders together.
  5. This captain was addressed on the subject of what was contained in his ship, which he had steered to the Guarded (Dār) Ṣināʿa (the customs-port of Fustat). He replied
  6. that there was nothing else beside the produce that was on his ship, and he swore by God, may his mention be exalted, and by our lord
  7. and master the imām al-Mustanṣir bi-llāh, commander of the faithful, prayers to God be upon him and upon his pure ancestors
  8. and most noble progeny, and on his protégé the most exalted lord, commander of the armies, sword of Islam, victorious one of the imām, protector
  9. of the qāḍīs of the Muslims, leader of the dāʿīs of the believers, may He strengthen the religion through him and benefit (it) during the life of 
  10. the commander of the faithful, may his power endure and his word be exalted. So they conducted a thorough audit of this ship, and found on it 
  11. something other than the aforementioned produce. 
  12. Therefore he gave his attestation, in sound body and legally capable of conducting his affairs, during the first ten days
  13. of Rabīʿ I 486.
  14. Aḥmad b. ʿAbd al-? the ? signed his attestation.