Legal document: T-S Ar.42.80

Legal document T-S Ar.42.80


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Legal testimony. In Arabic script. Dated: First decade of Rabīʿ I 486 AH, which is April 1093 CE. Apparently concerning some confusion over shipments of produce (ghalla) from two tax farmers (? bi-rasmi muqṭaʿayn). The captain/owner (rayyis) of the ship who delivered the produce to the arsenal (Dār al-Ṣināʿa) may be insisting that the taxes have already been paid on these shipments. (For more on the Fatimid arsenal, see David Bramoullé, Les Fatimides et la mer (909-1171) (Leiden, 2019), ch. 5.) The rayyis swears by God, by the caliph al-Mustanṣir, and by another person titled amīr al-juyūsh, sayf al-islām, nāṣir al-imām, chief dāʿī, etc. (=Badr al-Jamālī?). (Information in part from the Baker & Polliack catalogue.) Needs further examination.