מכתב: T-S AS 155.277

מכתב T-S AS 155.277


Recto: List of the opening lines of twenty dirges, followed by a note to Bū l-Majd: "O my master the elder Bū l-Majd (=Meʾir b. Yakhin?), I've written the openings of these from memory, since I looked for the book and couldn't find it. There are some for an old man, for a youth, for an infant, and for a woman, whichever ones you like out of these twenty dirges, let me know... and I will write them out for you. May your peace increase." At 90 degrees there is another note in Judaeo-Arabic, in a different hand, possibly the response, but it is difficult to read. There are also a few undeciphered words in Arabic script and an Aramaic pen trial (נסיונא קולמוסא). (Information in part from CUDL)

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