Paraliterary text: JRL SERIES B 5664

Paraliterary text JRL SERIES B 5664



A partially preserved medical prescription that mentions burnt goat-horn, eggplant, and a cup of wine. The recto (B 5664-1), in the same hand, bears a complete prescription, for menstruation. For a prescription that includes burnt goat-horn, see Sabur b. Sahl, Aqrabadhin al-saghir / The Small Dispensatory (trans. Oliver Kahl, 2003, p. 50). For the materia medica of the Geniza community, see E. Lev and Z. Amar, Practical Materia Medica of the Eastern Mediterranean According to the Cairo Genizah (Brill, 2008). For pharmacies, see Med. Soc. II.

JRL SERIES B 5664 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto


Luke Yarbrough, unpublished editions‎ (in Hebrew).


JRL SERIES B 5664 1 / 1 leaf, verso

1 / 1 leaf, verso
  1. יוכד קרן מאעז מחרוק [..
  2. קאטר מתקאל ונצף ובאדנגאן [.
  3. קדח כמר ותשרבה והי מתק[אל
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