Princeton Geniza Project v4.x

Co-PI (Research Lead)

  • Marina Rustow

Co-PI (Technical Lead)

  • Rebecca Sutton Koeser

Project Manager

  • Stephanie Luescher (August 2020–March 2021)
  • Rachel Richman (March 2021–present)

Assistant Project Manager

  • Zohar Berman

User Experience Designer

  • Gissoo Doroudian

Software Developers

  • Nick Budak
  • Kevin McElwee
  • Ben Silverman

Principal Collaborator

  • Eve Krakowski

Senior Research Assistants

  • Amir Ashur
  • Alan Elbaum
  • Ofir Haim


  • Jake Brzowsky
  • Matthew Dudley
  • Abigail Glickman
  • Juan José López Haddad
  • Ilana Hernandez
  • Micah Newberger
  • Avi Siegal
  • Emily Silkaitis

Special thanks

Center for Digital Humanities

  • Natalia Ermolaev
  • Meredith Martin
  • Rebecca Munson (ז״ל — her memory is a blessing to us all)

Princeton Geniza Lab

  • Deena Abdel-Latif
  • Jessica Parker

Princeton Geniza Project v3.x

  • Ben Johnston

Princeton University Library

  • Esmé Cowles
  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Kimberly Leaman
  • Jon Stroop

Other institutions

  • David Kraemer (Librarian of the Jewish Theological Seminary)
  • Ben Outhwaite (Head of the Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library)