מסמך משפטי: T-S Ar.30.42

מסמך משפטי T-S Ar.30.42



Draft of a court record dated 623 (1226) written on a very small piece of paper (4 x 2.5 in) regarding the testimony of Abū Saʿīd al-Levi b. Abū l-Maʿānī that Abu ʾl-Faḍl b. Mukhtār al-Iskandarī had died while in Kalah (Goitein: on the west coast of present-day Malaysia). The document establishes that India traders ventured to Southeast Asia. Goitein didn't supply a reading for the place-name after Kalah ("the lands of ..."); Marina Rustow and Michael Laffan (March 2021) read "Java" (al-jāwa). The document gives dates according to the Jewish (Seleucid) calendar and the hijrī calendar. Old IB Number: 322. New IB Number: VII, 32. In the hand of Avraham Maimonides. Dating: 10 Tammuz 1537 (Seleucid)

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