מסמך משפטי: T-S 20.109

מסמך משפטי T-S 20.109



Prenuptial agreement. Dating: end of the 13th century. Fiancee: Shamsūn bt. Yaʿaqov b. Yiṣḥaq b. Yeshaʿya ha-Levi, the ex-wife of Avraham. Goitein describes it as a "rather complete example of late conditions." Marriage payments: 5 + 25 = 30. The dirham:dinar exchange rate was 20:1 when this document was written. The husband will not take a second wife. Her handiwork belongs to her. He has to pay for her clothing. Her home will belong to him(?). She will observe menstrual purity laws. She is considered 'trustworthy' without having to take an oath. Signed by Moshe b. Shelomo; Ṣedaqa b. Moshe ha-Kohen. See Med Soc I, 386, sec. 79. (Information from CUDL and Goitein's index card.)

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תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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