מכתב: T-S 13J25.14

מכתב T-S 13J25.14



Letter from Nissim b. Ḥalfon, in Tinnīs, to Nahray b. Nissim, in Fustat. Dating: August 20, 1046. The writer describes his difficulties. He almost did not collect the debt from al-Ḥarīrī (the silk merchant) in Damsīs. Selling linen was hard because a better product arrived from the Levant (Ashqelon and Arṣūf (and?) Tyre). Selling Nahray's silk was hard, as wel,l because of the superior silk the ghulām of Ibn Abī l-Zaffāt brought from Spain. It was likewise hard to sell lacquer. When he arrived back home, he found his son and daughter ill with smallpox. "When I arrive{d} I found the little one ill (ḍaʿīf). He became affected by smallpox (itjaddara), he and his sister, and people are preoccupied about him (wa-huwa taḥta shughl). May God grant relief in His mercy." Gil reads instead "itjaddada," which would simply mean that the illness was renewed and there was no smallpox. But perhaps this is less likely, because the letter does not describe any prior reprieve from the illness, and because the subject of the verb is "he and his sister," not the illness. Information in part from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 3, #583 and Goitein's note card (#27119). VMR. ASE.

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