מכתב: T-S AS 167.30

מכתב T-S AS 167.30



Verso (probably original use): Fragment of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. The female sender complains about the lack of letters from the addressee. "People came from Damascus and informed me that you are [healthy] and doing well. . . but I am a stranger and alone. . . " In the margin: ". . . you between the two trenches (bayn al-khandaqayn), and you told me. . . and the Franks captured him/it. . . ." Recto (probably secondary use): Also a letter fragment in Judaeo-Arabic and Hebrew, possibly a draft. Damaged and difficult to read, but seems mostly formulaic blessings and greetings. Might be the beginning of a petition requesting assistance. The names Fāṭima and Mubāraka appear at the top, and it is unclear how these relate to the document.

T-S AS 167.30 verso



Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


  1. ] בקא פי ש[. . .] סואיי ומן [
  2. ואלאן לם נרי מנך לא גואב ולא כתאב [
  3. וגא אלנאס מן דמשק ואעלמוני אנך פ[י עאפיה
  4. בכל כיר ואלסאעה אנת תעלם ענ[י
  5. גריבה [ו]חידה וליס לי אחד אל[א

Verso - right margin

  1. ]קיתך בין אלכנדקין וקלת לי אן [
  2. ] ואכדוה אלאפרגנ וקראת(?) על[יך
  3. אלס]לאם