מכתב: T-S Ar.39.100

מכתב T-S Ar.39.100


Business letter. In Arabic script. Mentions cotton and its sale (القطن وبيعه); describes how one trader weighed it out very carefully, because its price is high. On verso, "send the response of this letter to Bilbays(?) with your news and condition." The remainder of the goods are not selling (sāʾir al-baḍāʾiʿ... wāqifa). The sender has done something with 450 (what unit?) of indigo. The sender repeats that cotton is very expensive, and "[...] the crop of this year, for a tremendous, extraordinary heat came (fa-qad jāhu ḥarr ʿaẓīm fadhdh aʿẓam al-[...]." Needs further examination.