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מכתב T-S 13J20.15



Letter from Ṭoviya b. ʿEli ha-Kohen to his cousin the Judge Natan b. Shelomo ha-Kohen regarding alleged arrears in a compound of the Qodesh, ca. 1130. The two overseers of the qodesh who were in charge of an unnamed compound complained about arrears of two months owed by one of the tenants, Abu'l-Ḥasan b. al-Hazzan. The tenant in the meantime has left the apartment. The complaint was addressed to the gaon, the head of the yeshiva, himself. He asked one of the parnasim of the qodesh to inquire about the matter. The writer brings the results of his inquiry to the knowledge of the Judge. The inquiry has shown that there were no real arrears, but to make the matter totally right, a copper lid left by the tenant was to be handed over to Abu'l-Bayan, apparently one of the prominent leaders of the congregation of the Palestinians, in order to spare the parnasim his reproaches. (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 251 #46)

T-S 13J20.15 1r



משה גיל, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. בשם רחם
  2. סבב הדה אלאסטר אערף הדרת
  3. רבנו יהי לעד אן וצלני כתאב הדרת
  4. הגאונות תכון תאמרני אן אסתדעי
  5. אבו אלחסן בן אלחזן ואטאלבה
  6. בכרא דאר מן דור אלקודש אחכא
  7. אלוכילאן ענדהם חק שהרין ום
  8. דרהם אלי חדש תמוז פאחצרתה
  9. וקרית עליה אלכתאב קאל אלסכן
  10. כאן ה שהור גיר תלת שהר פאוצלת
  11. אליה עלי יד רבנו ל דרהם גיר דרהם
  12. ויד דרהם ביד סאלם אלוכיל וכ דרהם
  13. קד אלמוהא ללשיך אבו אלחסן בן גליב
  14. יסלמהא אלי אלוכיל ולם יבק לה פי
  15. קבלהם גיר יב דרהם קד ארסלוהא
  16. מע ולדהם אלשיך אבו אלביאן
  17. הדא נהאית מא סכנו וסלמו אל
  18. מפתאח ללקרא אלדי יסכן פי אל
  19. דאר פלא יתאסף עלי בטאלתהא הדה

(Right margin:) b

  1. אלשהרין קד אזדאר עליהם ב[[ו]]ל
  2. דרהם פי הדה אלה שהור

(Upper margin:) c

  1. ותתפעל בעד
  2. חסאבה תאכד
  3. מנה גטא אל
  4. זיר אלנחאס
  5. ותסלמה לאבו
  6. אלביאן תנעם
  7. תחאסבה ולא
  8. יכליה יענתהם
  9. תאריך אלגואב
  10. סורעה אנא
  11. אקבל ידהא


משה גיל, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).


  1. In Thy Name, oh Merciful! 

  2. The purpose of these lines is to inform Your Honor, 

  3. our Master may he Live for ever, that I received a letter from His Honor, 

  4. the gaon, by which I was ordered to invite 

  5. Abūʾ1-Ḥasan b. al-Ḥazzān and to demand from him

  6. the rent of one of the compounds of the qōdesh, for which 

  7. the overseers said that there was arrears of two months, 46

  8. dir., to the month of Tammuz. So I had him come

  9. and read before him the letter. The tenant said:

  10. There were 4 ⅔ months. I sent

  11. him through our Master 29 dir.

  12. and 14 dir. through Sālim al-Wakīl, and 20 dir. 

  13. have been paid to al-Shaykh Abūʾ1-Ḥasan b. Ghulayb 

  14. in order to pay them to the overseer. So they still owed him 

  15. only 12 dir. These they sent 

  16. with their son to al-Shaykh Abūʾ1-Bayān.

  17. With this their lease ended. They handed over 

  18. the key to the Karaite who lives in 

  19. that compound. so do not worry about the vacancy 


Recto, right margin

of these two months, since 32 dir. were added to what they owed during those five months.

Recto, upper margin

  1. (1-2) So please, after (this) his account, take 

  3. (3-4) from him the copper lid of the jar 

  5. (5-7) and hand it over to Abūʾ1-Bayān. So you will set his account right and 

  8. (8-11) the speedy time of (giving) the answer will spare them his reproaches. I kiss your hand. 



T-S 13J20.15 1v



  1. ואבו אלחסן ידכל יום אלכמיס ושלום


  1. הדרת כגק מרנו ורבנו משרתה
  2. נתן הכהן החב[ר המעולה טוביהו הכהן]
  3. הדיין בר שלמה הכהן זל


Abūʾ1-Ḥasan will visit you Thursday. Greetings.

Verso, address

To His Honor, His Great Holiness, our Lord and Master Nathan ha-Kohen he-Ḥāvēr ha-Meʿullē ha-Dayyān b. R. Solomon ha-Kohen, of blessed memory. His servant, Ṭūvyāhū ha-Kohen.


תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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