Legal document: T-S NS J152 + T-S NS J110

Legal document T-S NS J152 + T-S NS J110



Legal document in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. "A litigation concerning an inheritance. Two partners were operating a store and upon the death of one of them the heir, a certain Naḥman, who was the nephew of the deceased sued the other party for whatever was due to him of this inheritance. He had not protested earlier because he was still a minor then. Abū l-Faḍl b. ʿUmayr was one of the customers. Naḥman, whose share in assets in the partnership was half, demanded his legitimate rights, and in the litigation pursued he asked for half of everything, i.e., capital (aṣl), income (nāqī), and goods such as a lamp made of copper. The sums of money preserved in the document are 600 dinars, 2015 dinars, 5 qirats and half a ḥabba, 20 dinars, and 32 dinars. A freed female slave is also mentioned, whom he manumitted after "he received her price from her." What may be understood from the end of the document preserved is that a settlement was reached according to which the defendant was freed from the oath due to him. No signatures are extant." (Information from Weiss)