Legal document: T-S J1.11

Legal document T-S J1.11


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Legal documents. Summaries of court records kept in the court registry. One of the entries details the maintenance payments (10 dirhams per month) that Ṣadaqa b. ʿEli must pay to his divorcee Miryam the freedwoman starting in Tishrei 1412 Seleucid, which is September 1100 CE. Another is a quittance between Ḥananel b. Yaʿaqov known as Khiyār and Ḥananel b. Ṣadaqa concerning a quantity of coral that had been deposited. In another entry what left from the a dowry of Maliha d. Yehezkel Hakohen in her husband's hand Yosef b. Ya'aqov. The couple's marriage document is found in TS 10 J 7.13 from 1090. (Information from Moshe Yagur [via FGP] and Goitein's note card. Additions by AA.)

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