Legal document: T-S 10J7.6

Legal document T-S 10J7.6



Drafts of documents, made by Mevorakh b. Natan b. Shemuel and other scribes. Dating: 1159 CE. Includes a contract of sale of a Muslim female slave, Ṣayd, for 19 and a half dinars, a contract for a partnership between Khalaf b. Samuel and Barakāt b. Mūsā b. Miska, a will of a dying man asking his brother to let his daughter stay with him and take care of her possessions, betrothal deeds, a list of funeral expenses for Mubārak b. Abū l-Munā al-Dimashqī, etc. Mentions Abū l-Surūr the doctor, Sason ha-Levi, Abū ʿAlī, Abū Saʿīd Ḥalfon b. ʿEli ha-Levi the dyer, Mufaḍḍal b. Abū Saʿd, Tamīm b. Abū l-Faraj, Ḥayya b. Isaac, Efrayim b. Mešullam, Abū Naṣr b. Saʿīd, Elʿazar b. ʿAmram b. Abū l-Faraj, ʿImrān b. Mevorakh, Shela b. Yaaqov, Miska Berakhot b. Avraham al-Ḥaver, Makārim al-Parnas, Abū l-Ḥasan Kohen b. Ṣāliḥ, Abū Saʿd (known as Ibn al-[..]ṭ), Yehuda b. Shelomo and Shelomo ha-Levi b. Shemu’el. Information from CUDL. See also Goitein's note cards.

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