Letter: ENA 4011.34

Letter ENA 4011.34



Verso (original use): Legal deed in Arabic script. (Abū l-)Faḍāʾil b. Khalaf al-Yahūdī al-Ḥarīrī, the tax farmer of the silk, has to receive 474 dirhams from Khalaf, a sum composed of the price of a certain kind of silk worth 425 dirhams, plus other dues from Khalaf, to be paid on 10 Dhū l-Ḥijja 544 AH, which is 10 April 1150 CE. The document was written on the last day of Dhū l-Qaʿda 544 AH, which is 30 March 1150 CE. On recto (see separate record) there is an acknowledgement made by the Jewish court concerning the content of the Arabic deed, signed by Shelomo b. Seʿadya and Avraham b. Natan ha-Kohen. (Information from Goitein's index card and Med Soc II, 614n30.) NB: Goitein refers to ENA 4011.34 as ENA 4011.33.

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