Letter: JTS Schechter 4

Letter JTS Schechter 4


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Letter from Eliyyahu ha-Kohen “Beit Din” b. Avraham from al-Raqqah to Ya’aqov he-Ḥaver b. Yosef, Aleppo, ca. 1030. The writer thanks the addressee for taking care of the his son, Amram, while he visited Aleppo. Eliyyahu mentions his satisfaction from his status as a judge in three communities in his town (probably the Iraqis, Shamis, and Qaraites), from his acceptance by several heads of Yeshivas in Iraq and the Exilarch (Rosh ha-Gola), and from his good relationships with the Qaraite community and the town governor. (Information from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 2, #73) VMR