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Letter JTS Schechter 4


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Letter from Eliyyahu ha-Kohen “Beit Din” b. Avraham from al-Raqqah to Ya’aqov he-Ḥaver b. Yosef, Aleppo, ca. 1030. The writer thanks the addressee for taking care of his son, Amram, while he visited Aleppo. Eliyyahu mentions his satisfaction from his status as a judge in three communities in his town (probably the Iraqis, Shamis, and Qaraites), from his acceptance by several heads of Yeshivas in Iraq and the Exilarch (Rosh ha-Gola), and from his good relationships with the Qaraite community and the town governor. (Information from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 2, #73) VMR

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