Letter: AIU VII.E.141

Letter AIU VII.E.141



Legal document in Ladino, Hebrew, and Aramaic that affirms the signer's receipt of a sum of "pataqas" ("סומה די פטקאס") from Shemuel b. Yiṣḥaq de Ancona and Masʿūd Azulay (l. 1-3r). The document can be dated to 1772/1773CE through l.14r 5533 AM. This term "פטקאס" likely indicates coins of Spanish or Austrian mintage, such as a silver real or thaler, that are being sent to Alexandria: "y ditos siyen pataqas me obligo de mandarlos a No Amon [Alexandria]" (l. 3-4r). In lines 10-11r, the document code-switches primarily into Hebrew and its legal bearing is confirmed in the closing line with the Aramaic phrase "והכל שריר ובריר וקיים" (l. 14r). The document is followed by signatures that have been torn somewhat and have lost their clarity making it difficult to confirm who is confirming receipt of the monetary sum at the center of this shtar. The verso contains notes in Hebrew script left by a different hand than the recto. MCD.