Letter: AIU VII.E.47

Letter AIU VII.E.47


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Recto: Legal document, draft. In Hebrew. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: 1 Tammuz 5494 AM, which is 1734 CE. Avraham Delmar (דילמאר) leases a property (an ʿaliya) to Yeshuʿa ha-Kohen. Period of lease: 1 year. The location of the property is described in relation to the houses owned by Rosh Mishmeret Yehuda Medina. The rent for the entire 12 months is 11 zincirlis. Yeshuʿa pays 6 zincirlis in advance. It seems that the remaining 5 zincirlis will be paid in two installments of 2 findiklis (2 findikli = 2.5 zincirli). There follow further conditions. There are no witness signatures and the document is crossed out with four vertical lines. Verso: Legal document, perhaps a draft. Dating: Not long before or after 1734 CE, based on the dating of recto. Involving a partnership between Yaʿaqov Mizraḥi b. David of Salonika and Binyamin b. Astrugo of Salonika. The joint business venture is the export of רופאס (=clothing, in Ladino?) from Rashīd and Alexandria to Izmir. Currency: findikli. Needs further examination. ASE.