Legal document: T-S AS 88.1

Legal document T-S AS 88.1

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Legal document. In Hebrew. Fragment: upper left corner. Dating: Probably 15th–17th century, based on the handwriting. Contract of a debt between Yehuda Ṭali, Yiṣḥaq b. Ḥayyim Abū l-Khayr, and Yehuda Abū l-Khayr (unless this is the same person as the first Yehuda). The handwriting may be that of the sixteenth-century court scribe Yosef b. Meʾīr Somekh ha-Kohen whose documentary production in Cairo is widely attested and comparable in other shelfmarks (T-S 13J5.6, Moss. VII.20.1, T-S AS 145.222,T-S 13J4.23, T-S AS 147.159). MCD.