Letter: T-S AS 185.208

Letter T-S AS 185.208


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In PGP since 2020


Recto: Letter in Arabic script to Sitt Nadd, probably from her husband. The writer rejoiced at the news of her deliverance (khalāṣ) (childbirth? or from a financial difficulty?). The writer discusses a matter of 20 dirhams that he thought she could obtain from her brother's wife. The writer has sent several items with the bearer including the blanket (malḥafa) that she had requested. Three lines from the bottom the writer touches on his own professional struggles (qaṭʿ al-rizq), it seems because he is a physician and there are now five (or fifty?) physicians in the town competing for the same clientele. He sends regards to her brother al-Shaykh al-Rashīd, her brother's wife, and to the children. Verso: Pen trials in Hebrew script. Might be related to T-S 10J14.27 (PGPID 2854) and/or ENA 4100.25 (PGPID 12368) (based on the similar names appearing in each).