Letter: ENA 4100.25

Letter ENA 4100.25



Letter from Bū Manṣūr to ʿAmram (aka Bū ʿImrān) ha-Talmid, c/o al-Shaykh al-Nafīs. The addressee may be the brother-in-law of the writer (the address includes the word صهر). In Judaeo-Arabic, with the address in Arabic script. Many names are mentioned, including the officials titled 'mushārif al-balad' and the amīr ʿAlā al-Dīn (who rebuked the sender for his delay), and the women Sitt Nadd, Sitt Kāfūr, Sitt Ghuṣn, Sitt Suʿūd, Sitt al-Naṣr, Sitt Zaynihim, and Maymūna. The sender fought with his cousin (ibn ʿamm). Refers to a woman who might have a bad husband. Might be related to T-S 10J14.27 (PGPID 2854).

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