Legal document: T-S Ar.50.90

Legal document T-S Ar.50.90


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Recto: Bill of divorce. Dated: Sunday, 16 Heshvan 1456 Seleucid = 15 October 1144 CE. Location: al-Maḥalla. Husband: Yeshuʿa b. Merayot (a man of the same rare name appears as a witness in T-S 8J12.2). Wife: Malīḥa bt. David. Witnesses: Reʾuven b. Yaʿaqov and Elʿazar b. Gilʿad. Verso: Addendum stating that Malīḥa received the get signed by Reʾuven b. Yaʿaqov and [...]. Underneath there are jottings of probably unrelated legal formulary, in a different hand.