Legal document: T-S 8J4.14

Legal document T-S 8J4.14



Legal document. Court record (copy). This document concerns the settlement of an account between Abū al-Mufaḍḍal Netanel b. Yefet and Abū al-Ḥasan Ṭoviyya b. Avraham ha-Levi. Netanel brought a court-validated document specifying that Ṭoviyya owed him 65 dinars. Ṭoviyya claimed that he sent the amount in various commodities (15 pounds of silk worth 15 dirhams, and fragrances worth 15 dinars, in addition to kābulī murabbā (preserve of chebulic myrobalan), as well as 10 dinars in cash) by means of the agent Abū al-Faraj to be sold in Tunisia. It is unclear whether the 65 dinars is a partnership account or a debt owed Netanel by Ṭoviyya. However, that the commodities were sent to be sold in Tunisia (see T-S 8J4.9) suggests that Ṭoviyya has a financial interest in the sale. Depositing the funds with Abū al-Faraj, Netanel and Ṭoviyya have contracted a partnership of sorts for repayment of Ṭoviyya's debt. Lieberman speculates that the Abū al-Faraj al-Wakīl mentioned here may have been Abū al-Faraj Yeshu‘a b. Isma‘īl al-Maghribī, a well-known Tunisian merchant from the late 11th century (see T-S 12.566, PGPID 3181; and T-S 10J20.7, PGPID 2953). A draft copy of this document also exists; see (see T-S 8J4.9, PGPID 2128. (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture", 177).

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. אחצר אלי בית דין מר' נתנאל בר מ יפת נע שטר
  2. מוחזק בנאמנות והתראה ומבלג מאלה כמסה וסת[ין
  3. דינ' מסתחקה עלי טוביה הלוי פסאל מר טוביה
  4. ען דלך פקאל קבץ מני מן הדא אלכתאב עשרה דנא'
  5. פי דפעתין וטו רטלא חריר בטו' דינ' ומנין ונצף
  6. עביר בטו' דינ אכרי ובאת אלגמיע ענדה לילה
  7. ואצבח אלי ואסתזאד מני עלי סביל אלאסתצלאח
  8. לדלך ה אמנא כאבלי מרבא ובאקי מאל אלשטר
  9. ומבלגה כה דינ' ציידת (?) אליה פיה קארורה זבדה
  10. וזנהא כה אוקיה ובקית ענדה אלי אן חאן ספר
  11. אבי אלפרג אלוכיל פאתפק ראינא גמיעא עלי
  12. אנפאד אלזבדה מע אלוכיל אלמדכור עלי אן אדא
  13. סהל אללה אלעודה אסתופא אלבאקי אלדי לה ואלבאקי
  14. מן תמנהא אתסלמה אנא פסאל מר ור נתנאל ען דלך
  15. פקאל אמא אלעשרה דנא' אלדי דכר פמא וצל אלי מן
  16. מאל הדא אלשטר מן עין גיר ג דנא ורבע וסדס ואמא
  17. אלחריר ואלעביר ואלכאבלי מא אחק אנני אכדתהם
  18. מפאצלה ואלאוזאן אלתי דכרהא מן אלחריר ואלעביר
  19. לם תצח לאנני אעתברתהא פי חאל אכדהא פוגדת
  20. אלעביר מניין ומה דרהמא ואלחריר יד רטלא ורבע
  21. וכמסה דראהם ואלכאבלי באקי בעינה ואמא אלזבדה
  22. אלדי דכר אנה אתפק מעי פי תוגיההא מע אבו אלפרג
  23. אלוכיל ממא כאן מן דלך שי פחצרה בית דין עלי מא אדעא


Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., Princeton University, 2007).


  1. Mr. Nathaniel b. M(r.) Japheth (who) r(ests in) E(den) brought a document to the court,
  2. verified with (the) trustworthiness (of witnesses) and warning (lest one violate the clauses of the document); the amount of its capital was six[ty]-five
  3. din(ars), due from Mr. Tobias ha-Levi. He (the court) asked Mr. Tobias
  4. about it, and he said, “He (already) received ten dina(rs) from me (out of the total) of this document,
  5. in two payments, as well as 15 raṭls of silk worth 15 din(ars) and two and a half mann
  6. of ‘Abīr, worth another 15 din(ars). All of this stayed with him at night
  7. and came to me in the morning, but he demanded more from me by way of way of settlement
  8. for that of (a further) 5 mann of essence of Kābulī and the remainder of the assets from the document,
  9. its amount being 25 din(ars). I have given him therein a jar of butter
  10. weighing 25 wuqiyyas, which I left with him until the journey of
  11. Abū al-Faraj the agent drew near. Then we all agreed to
  12. send the butter with the aforementioned agent, on the condition that when
  13. he returns, may God facilitate it, he will receive the rest due him,
  14. and I (myself) will receive the balance of its price.” Then he (the court) asked (our) tea(cher) and m(aster) Nathaniel about it
  15. and he said, “As for the ten dina(rs) which he mentioned, only 3 dina(rs) and a quarter and a sixth have reached me out of
  16. the assets of this document. As for
  17. the silk and the ‘Abīr and the Kābulī , he was not correct (in saying) that I took them
  18. having been weighed, and the weights which he mentioned of silk and ‘Abīr
  19. were incorrect, for I weighed them when he took them, and I found
  20. two mann and 45 dirhams’(-worth) of ‘Abīr, and 14 and a quarter raṭls
  21. and five dirhams’(-worth) of silk, and the same amount of Kābulī remaining. As for the butter
  22. which he mentioned, he agreed with me in sending
  23. some of it with Abū al-Faraj the agent.” Then he brought him to the court for what he claimed

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