Legal document: T-S AS 148.50 + T-S NS 292.84

Legal document T-S AS 148.50 + T-S NS 292.84



Legal document. In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe (active 1100–38 CE). Two fragments from a bill of release regarding a shipment of tamarind to (or from) Maḥalla al-Kubrā by Abū l-Ḥasan. Also mentioning Yehuda b. Ḥasdeʾel (חסדאל) and Abū Sulaymān Daʾūd. AA. ASE. Join: Alan Elbaum. (Information in part from CUDL.) Other documents in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe involving Abū Sulaymān Dāʾūd and the India trade include T-S AS 168.279 (PGPID 38190), T-S NS 338.86 (PGPID 25971), and T-S NS 224.20 (PGPID 24006); no clear joins yet.

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