Legal document: T-S NS 224.20

Legal document T-S NS 224.20



Legal deed written and signed by Halfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi. Small fragment (lower left corner). Mentions: al-ʿadanī ("from Aden," either a commodity or a person); bales of lac; Abū Saʿīd; goods worth 700 dinars deposited in a warehouse by Abū Sulaymān Dāʾūd with Sālim; and Isḥāq al-Nafūsī (a well-known India trader). Two copies of this deed were written, one to stay in Fustat and one to travel "with him." Also signed by [Avraham b. Shemaʿya he-Ḥaver the descendant of Shem]aʿyahu Gaon. AA. ASE. See T-S AS 148.50 + T-S NS 292.84 (PGPID 16405) and the list of potentially related shelfmarks there.