Legal document: T-S Ar.34.94

Legal document T-S Ar.34.94



Recto: Court record in Arabic script. Regarding a surgical operation by a physician. Nāṣir b. Jibrīl asks the Jewish physician Makārim b. Isḥāq to perform surgery on the eye of his daughter, Sutayt, which is affected by pus behind the cornea. If the operation is successful, the payment is set at 2 dirhams; if the operation is a failure, the payment will be negotiated. The document is witnessed and signed by ʿAbd al-Qawī b. ʿAbd al-Muʾṭī b. Hilāl al-Anṣārī. Dating: ca. 1250 CE. (Information from CUDL)

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Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. حضر الى مكارم بن اسحق بن مكارم اليهودى المتطبب

  2. ناصر بن جبريل وصحبته ابنته لصلبه المسماة ستيت

  3. وفى عينها اليسرى كمنة وسأل الطبيب

  4. المذكور مزاولة عينها بسكين المرموظ

  5. فان من الله تعالى بالنظر كان تلطفه در [همین]

  6. وان كان خلافه فتقضاه وقدره والطـ[ـبيب]

  7. برى من ذلك

Recto - witness

  1. اشهدني بذلك

  2. كتبه عبد القوى بن عبد المعطى

  3. ابن هلال الانصاري


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