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Legal document T-S 13J4.21


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Legal document. In Hebrew. Concerning a debt of 52 Venetian ducats (peraḥim) owed by Avraham Aripol (אריפול) to Yaʿaqov Castro (קשטרו). Dated: Monday, 20 Av 5348 AM, which is 1588 CE. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Written by Yosef b. Meʾir Somekh (סומך) ha-Kohen. At the foot of the page is a postscript in a different hand, signed Yom Ṭov Miṭrani (מטראני), confirming the document was approved by R. Beṣalel Ashkenazi (אשכנזי). (Information from CUDL)

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