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Letter ENA NS 45.3


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Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: probably early 13th century. The writer complains that the Rayyis does not trust him to deliver letters for him, thus he gave leters to R. Yūsuf to deliver, who then lost them. The writer gathered the courage to write to Rabbenu Avraham and al-Ḥaver about this matter, but he has not received a response from 'his Majlis', thus he writes the present letter. On verso he discusses the case of a (his?) wife, the daughter of Bū Saʿd b. Maqdūnsa (an Ibn Maqdūnsa is also mentioned in T-S Ar.54.91). Her husband sent her a get from Damascus with Muẓaffar. She then remarried in Fuwwa (?) Yūsuf b. al-Yaqṭīn. "And the purpose of your letter to Damascus is that perhaps you can give him a ruling regarding (re-)marriage. The story is confusing and would likely be clarified by the missing part of the letter. An Abū Zikrī is mentioned in the margin. ASE.

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