Legal document: ENA NS 58.30

Legal document ENA NS 58.30



Legal testimony. In Hebrew, with one signature in both Hebrew and Latin script. Location: Alexandria. Dating: 5624 AM in the month of Shevat which is 1864CE. The witnesses attest that Yaʿaqov Menaḥem b. Yosef David has given a bill of divorce (get) to his wife Veneziana(?) Yeta(?) bt. Avraham Mann. She has received her ketubba payment in full. Witnesses: Seʿadya b. Aharon and Natan ʿAmram. The latter's full name was Natan b. Ḥayyim ʿAmram and he lived from 1791CE or 1805CE to 1870CE. Natan ʿAmram published widely and served both as an emissary to Livorno and communal rabbi in Alexandria. MCD.

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