قائمة/جدول: Halper 460

قائمة/جدول Halper 460



Five memorial lists. (1) ll. 1–16: geʾonim of the yeshiva of Jerusalem (and later in exile), from 1046 to about 1138, the dynasty from Shelomo ha-Kohen to Maṣliaḥ ha-Kohen. (2) l. 17–l. 9: geʾonim of the yeshivah in Fustat. (3) l. 10: the Dynasty of negidim of Egypt, including Mevorakh ben Sa'adya (1094–1111). The list ends with Netanʾel, who served immediately before Maimonides (see Jacob Mann, The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine, 2:249–50; Cohen, Jewish self-Government, pp. 132–56). (4) ll. 11–20: The list of a family of ḥakhamim. Mostly illegible. (5) l. 21–11: Leaders of the Fustat community; concluding with a prayer for the community, of which one line is extant. (Information from Penn catalog.)

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النصوص المفرّغة


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بيان أذونات الصورة
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