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Letter from Yeḥiel b. Yiṣḥaq ha-Ṣarfati, in Jerusalem, to an unnamed addressee (probably the judge Menaḥem b. Yiṣḥaq b. Sasson), probably in Cairo. In Hebrew. Dating: Early 13th century. He is inquiring what should be done with the money of the heqdesh that the addressee had endowed for the building of a ritual bath (miqve). There is no need for a miqve, as Yeḥiel has already made one in his own house. The rains have already ended, and the Gentiles do not permit bathing in the Shiloaḥ spring, so there is nowhere else to build one. Yeḥiel argues that it is good for the women to immerse themselves in his house, so that his wife can instruct them on proper practice (including ḥafifa and immersing in the evening rather than the morning). He wants to know if his previous letter arrived with a Gentile named ʿAskar(?). See Roni Shweka's article on this letter and Yeḥiel's subsequent letter, Moss. IV,9 + T-S NS 312.98 + T-S 8J31.4 + T-S 6J9.12 (PGPID 3783).

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תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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