Credit instrument or private receipt: T-S K25.240.56

Credit instrument or private receipt T-S K25.240.56



Verso: Autograph order from Avraham Maimonides to the cantor Abū l-Majd. Abū l-Majd is to convey the remaining 10 dirhams owed to Abū l-Faraj for support (mezonot), from the rent of the compound. Mysteriously, there is a נע (indicating that Abū l-Faraj is dead) over the שצ (indicating that he is alive). T-S K25.240 consists of small written orders, partly in Hebrew and partly in Arabic script, for monthly payments, made out of the rent-revenue from the pious foundation (waqf) 'Compound of the Poor' or from the pious foundation made by the physician al-Muhadhdhab. All dated orders are from spring and summer, 1218 CE. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, pp. 420-421, App. A 48-92; pp. 449-450, App. B 39b [dated 1210-1225]; Cohen, Poverty and Charity in the Jewish Community of Medieval Egypt, pp. 218-220)