מכתב: BL OR 5566B.30

מכתב BL OR 5566B.30



Letter from Netanel b. Moshe ha-Levi ha-Shishi to two of his friends (Yosef b. Ḥalfon ha-Kohen and 'my brother Elʿazar), during his confinement to his father's house for the sake of private study. The closing greetings are in Arabic script. "For studying at home I received 25 dinars, on condition that I do not leave the house—even to visit the public bathhouse. Dear brother, you cannot imagine what I suffer by being separated from you and from our friend the Devil (Abū Murra), the Bird of Jinnies (ʿUsfūr al-Jinn)...." See also T-S K25.64. (Information from Goitein's note card and Med Soc V, 428, 628, no. 66.)