Credit instrument or private receipt: Moss. VIII,479.8

Credit instrument or private receipt Moss. VIII,479.8


תאריך קלט

נמצא בPGP מאז 2018


Order of payment, in late Arabic script with a seal. ʿĀzar (=Ezra) al-Yahūdī al-Ṣayrafī is to pay the bearer (Nāṣif) 20 and half silvers. Contains a date at the bottom but the year is cut off in the lacunae and mentions silk and a dead person. The currency mentioned is new Sulaymānī silvers "al-Fiḍḍa al-Jadīda al-Sulaymāniyya" which is a coinage minted according to the standards of Suleiman I's reign in the 16th century (post-1520). Needs examination.