Credit instrument or private receipt: T-S K25.240.14

Credit instrument or private receipt T-S K25.240.14



Verso: Autograph order from Avraham Maimonides. The cantor al-Shaykh al-Makīn is to give 20 dirhams out of the rent from the compound to the judge Yeḥiel for the sake of R. Yosef al-[...]. T-S K25.240 consists of small written orders, partly in Hebrew and partly in Arabic script, for monthly payments, made out of the rent-revenue from the pious foundation (waqf) 'Compound of the Poor' or from the pious foundation made by the physician al-Muhadhdhab. All dated orders are from spring and summer, 1218. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, pp. 420-421, App. A 48-92; pp. 449-450, App. B 39b [dated 1210-1225]; Cohen, Poverty and Charity in the Jewish Community of Medieval Egypt, pp. 218-220)


Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).


  1. ב
  2. אלשיך אלחזן אלאגל
  3. אלמבין שצ' ידברנא
  4. פי עשרין דרהמא
  5. מן אגרה אלרבע
  6. יוצלהא ללדיין אלאגל
  7. ר' יחיאל שצ' ברסם
  8. אלחכם אלאגל רבי יוסף שצ'
  9. אלגוכנדי? ושלום
  10. שבת במדבר
  11. תדברהא עלי כל
  12. חאל