מסמך שלטוני: UU 1137

מסמך שלטוני UU 1137



Petition from a man renting government land (qabala bi-la misaha, see Bondioli 2020) in partnership (shirka) with a Christian, growing 50 date palms. The petitioner asks for recognition of his rights in the form of "the issuing of a lofty decree ... to the mutawallī al-ḥarb (military commander)" and "the supervisors (mutashārifīn) and appointees (mustakhdamīn) and the rest of the governors and deputies and officials (mutaṣarrafīn)" fo "protecting (him) and watching over (him) and preventing, by way of coercion, the obstruction of what is owed the slave in this matter, and coercing from him the registered assignment of the slave with this as a benefaction for him and a favor to him." (Information from Marina Rustow).