מכתב: T-S K25.277

מכתב T-S K25.277



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. From a woman, maybe to her son. She mentions that she has been sick (כונת וגעה) and worried (משגולה אלקלב) because she heard that it is very hot in the addressee's location. She swears by the addressee's father. She reports that the addressee's letter arrived with Abū l-Faraḥ. Also mentions Ḥayyim and Abū Sulaymān. Refers to selling books. Asks for kosher (ḥalāl) sugar, "because I am sick," and a bit of cheese, because she has a craving for it (תעלקת נפסי אליה כתיר). Greetings to a brother. Reports on the arrival of (Byzantine?) ships with the cryptic phrase קדאקד or קראקר רום. Also ships of Ibn Bādī(?) with oil and a ship from the west, as well as the ship that had been 'in the mountain.' Concludes again with a lament about her difficult situation and her hope that she will see the addressee soon. NB: This document is erroneously listed as a join with T-S Ar.44.223 and T-S Ar.18(1).181 on FGP, as it was mixed up with T-S K25.227. ASE