מסמך משפטי: T-S 24.8

מסמך משפטי T-S 24.8



Marriage contract (ketubba). Dating: ca. 1337 CE, since the same witnesses appear on T-S 13J2.18 from that year. Groom: ʿOvadya b. Avraham b. Shelomo. Bride: Ẓarīfa bt. Yehoshuaʿ. ("The men bear several pompous titles," per Goitein.) For the dowry there is a long list of jewelry, clothes, and household goods, full of late terms. The dinar is valued as being equivalent to 13 1/3 full silver dirhams, as was usual int he 13th and 14th centuries. The bride is obliged to wash herself in the ritual bath for menstrual purity (following Maimonides' enactment on this issue). The bride is entitled to keep her earnings for herself. Witnessed by Elʿazar b. Moshe ha-Kohen and Elishaʿ b. Ḥananya ha-Levi. (Information from CUDL and Goitein's index card.)

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תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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