מכתב: T-S K25.62

מכתב T-S K25.62



Note from a parent to a teacher. In Judaeo-Arabic. The text is quite clear, but it's difficult to figure out what the sender is trying to say. Something like: "My lord, I think you are occupying him with reading (al-qirāʾa) so that you can 'eat' his money. But let the schoolboys 'eat' (= benefit?). Also, when he wishes to review (yuʿīd), don't let him. If you want him to review old material, he might as well be alone. He is not a youth (ghulām) just anyone can recite to. He is a youth (ghulām) with the character of schoolboys (ṣibyān)." In some literary sources, ghulām and ṣabiyya are interchangeable terms for schoolchildren. But from the context here, ghulām seems to be a boy older than a ṣabiyy. There is also an unrelated line in Arabic script at 180 degrees (. . . ها ووفقها واحياها) and on verso some text from the Haggada. ASE

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Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


  1. יא מולאי צני אנך תשגלה
  2. באלקראה חתי תאכל שיה
  3. ותכלי אלצביאן יאכלו ואיצא
  4. אנה יריד יעיד מא תכליה
  5. אדא ארדתה יעיד קדימה
  6. יכון וחדה מא הוא גלאם
  7. אחד יקריה

Recto - upper margin

  1. מא הו גלאם מ[ע] כלק
  2. אלצביאן


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תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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