מסמך משפטי: T-S Ar.34.191

מסמך משפטי T-S Ar.34.191


Legal document. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Mentions the date 9 Av 1412 Seleucid, which is 1101 CE. The issue involves a man and his daughter Maḥfūẓa a sum of dinars (35? 55?), and living arrangements in a mustaraqa (a kind of mezzanine, see Goitein, Med Soc III, viii, A, 2). Witnesses: Yiṣḥaq b. Shemuel; Yeḥezqel ha-Kohen b. ʿEli; Ḥiyya ha-Kohen b. Yeshuʿa. On the facing page there is a text about bills of divorce, in a different hand.