מכתב: BL OR 10578A.6

מכתב BL OR 10578A.6



Recto: Small fragment of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Mentions 'ha-Rav Rabbenu Yeḥiel.' Dating: probably 13th century. Alludes to a dispute (waqaʿa fī hādhā kalām). Verso: Fragment of a document in Judaeo-Arabic, in a different hand. Maybe a draft of a legal document or responsum (so maybe recto is a legal query?). Refers three times to a female slave ((hādhihī) al-jāriya) and to 20 dinars and a qirat (which would be a typical price for a slave) and to the ruling of the law (al-sharʿ) and to a requirement to take an oath.