מכתב: BL OR 10112B.16 + Moss. IV,53.2

מכתב BL OR 10112B.16 + Moss. IV,53.2



Letter from Yefet b. Menashshe to his brother Abū l-Surūr Peraḥya b. Menashshe. In Judaeo-Arabic. Two fragments from the upper left side. Mentions: female dyers (? ṣabbāghāt); someone who had a bit of flax with him; and the small salted fish (ṣīr) which either Yefet or Peraḥya had requested. Also asks for items including Indian and chebulic myrobalans and ginger. He will send the kohl and the "saliva" (luʿāb). Mentions a shop, Alexandria, and a judge (shofeṭ). Join: Oded Zinger.