מכתב: T-S 8K13.5

מכתב T-S 8K13.5



Short letter from Bū l-Majd (Meir b. Yakhin), Fustat, to Bū l-Futūḥ (Yehuda b. al-ʿAmmānī), Alexandria. Meir reports that he received the letter containing the two qawls and apologizes for having sent a letter complaining about not receiving them shortly earlier. He bolsters his apology by saying he was sick when he sent the previous letter. He then addresses the complaint of Yehuda's cousin, Bū l-Maʿālī, that Meir has not been sending him letters. Here the letter is torn off horizontally. The verso is more faded but probably mostly decipherable. Meir inquires whether his cousin ("ibn khali") Manṣūr b. Maʿālī is in Alexandria with Yehuda, because he heard that he had been in Minyat Zifta ("May God guide his perplexity"). ASE.