מכתב: T-S NS 99.48

מכתב T-S NS 99.48



Bottom of a letter in Ladino from Damascus to Fustat, addressed to Yosef Pisho (?) the student of Yiṣḥaq Ashkenazi (very possibly Isaac Luria). The writer describes how he has wept day and night since their separation and "you know that the foreigner (el forastero), no matter how rich he may be undergoes hardships (por muncho rico que sea pasa fatigas)" He sends regards to several people: his sister, his brother Yosef, Moshe Rozal, el Hakham R. Hayyim Lavita and his wife, and to Doña Dona ("she of munyon" = the stump?) and to tell her that he was unable to pass on her message to R. Meir Cohen, because he is now in Sefat. He also mentions Masʿud Kohen and the brother of Yiṣḥaq.