מכתב: T-S NS 338.15

מכתב T-S NS 338.15



Letter from Yedutun ha-Levi to his brother Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi. Identification based on handwriting and the mention of "your brother Abū Isḥāq." In Judaeo-Arabic. Fragmentary (left half of recto). The sender reports that he conveyed some information to al-Shaykh al-Sadīd. Then: "... he will take it, and I will hopefully be with him... on a day when he is in town... the dīwān... [and we do not know] if he has arrived in Fustat or Cairo... he did not do it. And your brother Abū Isḥāq... they did not say much about you... and you will hear everything that the people said... with the Rayyis, and he did not do it...the congregation... [and do not cut] off your news from me." On verso there are a couple words in Hebrew script. ASE.


Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2019).


  1. ]י ענדך ו[אנ]י ערפת אלשיך אלסדיד
  2. ]ה יאכדה ואנא אן שא אללה מעה
  3. ]רסלי יום יכון הו פי אלבלד ואמא
  4. ]מא לה פאנני תב . . . ל .
  5. ] אלדיואן ומא . תמעת
  6. ]. . אן דכל מצר או אלקאהרה
  7. ]מא עמל ואכוך אבו אסחק
  8. ]א אטנבו פי חקך ונכהם(?)
  9. ]מא קאלו אלקום שי אלא תסמע
  10. ] . ע . . . אלרייס ומא סוי . .
  11. ] . . . . . . . . . . . ר ללגמאעה
  12. לא תק]טע כברך עני ושלום