מכתב: T-S NS 321.71

מכתב T-S NS 321.71



Fragment of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic, mostly about personal/family matters but also some business issues. The letter is probably from a man to his brother ('yā akhī'). He was worried to hear that his daughter has been sick, but glad she is doing better now. Something to do with the house 'fell down,' and the addressee is asked to repair it and also collect the rent from Umm Tamīm. Someone (Tamīm?) vowed that he would not continue to live in the house, so the addressee can move in, but if he doesn't want to, there is another man who wants to live there together with his son. The addressee is asked to purchase a glass bottle (qaṭramīz) and 10 raṭls of רשאל(?). Mentions Abū ʿAlī and tamarind. Then, "If you receive a letter from your son, do not delay in informing me the news of my daughter" — so the addressee's son may be married to the sender's daughter. AA/ASE