מכתב: T-S NS 320.8

מכתב T-S NS 320.8



Letter from Yehuda b. Sahl, in Jerusalem, to Nahray b. Nissim, in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic, with the address in both Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic script. Note that Yehuda's father's name is something else in the Hebrew-script address (neither Sahl nor Yashar; ends with ש). The sender asks Nahray to order a commodity (ḥajar al-māʾ?) from another trader, because there is none in Palestine, and they are importing it from Sāl[...], and that seems to be an inadequate substitute for coral. (This reading is tentative.) He also orders a mantle (īzār) for himself. This document is uncited in the literature.