מכתב: T-S AS 155.334

מכתב T-S AS 155.334



Fragment of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic, probably sent from Qūṣ to Fustat. Distinctive hand; high chances of finding a join. Dating: likely 13th century. The sender reports that somebody sent an order to 'empty most of them (=the stores?) and sell their goods (ḥawāṣil), and they charged me and others with a total (of money) for 6 and more months, I pay more than 1/3 on the first of every month. Somebody's son acted with kindness (anʿama) in some way; may mention soldiers or provinces (ajnād); also mentions the price of sugar; after this, the sender still owed 40 dinars. He took [...] with promissory notes (ḥujaj), and matters got worse such that he had to leave Fustat without telling his family members or even wife (? ahl baytī) and take refuge in Qūṣ. There, al-Shaykh al-Asʿad and al-Makīn the sons of Abū Saʿd treated him well; he now teaches their children, leading prayers and slaughtering animals. The addressee is asked to help the sender return to Fustat (by sending money). If he has anything he can send, he should send it back with the bearer Ṭāhir. (Information in part from CUDL.)