מסמך משפטי: T-S Ar.52.177

מסמך משפטי T-S Ar.52.177


Legal document. A woman named Sitt al-Kull b. Eliyya appears before the court, informing them that her husband Yakhin b. Shabbat left few years ago without leaving her any provisions to support her and her daughter. She wishes to appoint Avraham b. Abū l-Khayr to travel, locate her husband and to try and collect her delayed marriage payment of 25 dinars, and her dowry's value of 50 dinars. On verso there are two undeciphered notes in Arabic script at 90 degrees to each other. (Information from Oded Zinger via FGP.)

T-S Ar.52.177 recto




Oded Zinger, "Women, Gender and Law: Marital Disputes According to Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., n.p., 2014).


  1. (1-2) Sitt al-Kull bt. Elijah, wife of [... Yakhīn] b. Shabbat called Mr. [....] m(ay he rest in) E(den), presented to us, the court, the deed of Ketubba owed by her aforementioned husband, Yakh[in] b. Shabbtay. We read, examined, verified

  3.  and confirmed with complete certainty that she is owed according to it (i.e. according to the ketubba) by her husband, the aforementioned Mr. Yakhīn, 

  4. seventy-fi[ve] dinars, from which twenty- five are actual dinars6 and fifty dinars are a dowry, according to the custom of the land,

  5. for which she is owed by him a third, that is 16 2⁄3 dinars. According to this ketubba, she is 

  6. trustworthy in respect to him as long as he live and in respect to all his heirs after him as two trustworthy valid witness. After the aforementioned 

  7. Ketubba was confirmed by us with complete certainty, 

  8. the aforementioned Si[tt al-]Kull said to us: “Know, O court, that my husband has tarried7 in Fustat (Miṣr) and abandoned me more or less s[ix or read: seven] 

  9. years ago. He travelled without depositing maintenance with me, nor what I 

  10. or his daughter may be sustained with. I am still waiting patiently; [perhaps] he will return or send me and his daughter [what] 

  11. we may be sustained with. Now, the matter has become very difficult for me and I have nothing left to be succored with. I do not know 

  12. what to do. Therefore, I ask to appoint Ibrahīm b. Abū al-Khayr as my proxy to go to my husband, the aforementioned Thābit 

  13. b. Shabbat to sue him for the maintenance I am owed by him, from the time he left until today. 

  14. If he chooses [ ] to me [ ] in all that is due to me from my aforementioned ketubba, 

  15. delayed marriage gift and dowry [....] and will give it to him 

  16. [... ] and bear witness for me [