מכתב: T-S Ar.42.13

מכתב T-S Ar.42.13



Letter/petition in Arabic script. The tarjama containing the name of the sender at upper left seems to have been deliberately torn away; the remainder of the fragment is perfectly preserved. The sender/petitioner excuses himself from coming in person because of his work in the shop. He asks the addressee to meet with somebody (al-amīr?) about the matter of the sender's brother. "My lord knows that my brother was one of the group (or a porter? or a bearer of a document? the word is either jumla or ḥamala), but the qāḍi heard testimony from some people that he was not one of the jumla/ḥamala." Closes with a raʾy clause, an afterthought ("please meet with him in the alley of Wikālat al-Qand"), then another raʾy clause. On verso there are several lines of accounts in Arabic script.

T-S Ar.42.13 recto



Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2024).


  1. يخدم مجلس المولى السيد الاجل الحكيم الفاضل ادام الله ايامه

  2. وينهي لكريم عالم(؟) ان المانع له عن الحضور بخدمة المولا الان

  3. ما يعلمه المولا من شغله في الدكان وهو يسل انعام مولاه

  4. ان يعلمه فان كان المولا عليه الفضل والاجتماع والامر في

  5. امر اخو المملوك ويعلمه المولا ان اخي ما كان من الجملة وقد سمع

  6. الرقاص شهادة الناس بان اخي لم يكن من الجملة فراي المولا

  7. اعلا وان تفضل المولا ان يكون اجماعه به في دار

  8. وكالة القند فراي مولانا اعلا